January 28th, 2013

Success rate

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It is not the easiest task to find the lab which is suitable for your skills. You can be really hard-working and generous student but if you get to the lab where ten people know all your topics better, it is tricky to become visible there. Good academic record will not help. It may even been worse in case you have strong theoretical knowledge and have no idea how to apply it to the real research. If you are exposed to the audience which is not interested in science at all you can feel yourself as really nerdy and serious person. But once you get the job run by the same kind of people you just become a blurry spot. For example, you may be a talented biologist whose skills are locally appreciated. But if you follow your dream and get to the cool lab in your field of research – there are dozens of students better than you. So, you will be given similar topic about investigation of complicated number-letter named protein with slight probability that somebody will care about it. But you still compete with the other ten students with the same strange-named molecules to characterize. In that case your personal success is totally probabilistic. So, to have an advantage you should go to the different lab, that is not that close to your previous research field. And because you are not proficient you cannot estimate your success in the new place. And your career again depends on luck